Our History

Though 613 Rue Royale is named for Emma and Bertha Camors, sisters who once owned a notions and fancies shop here, the Court of the Two Sisters has a long and interesting history.

The lovely three-story building sits on “Governor’s Row,” the 600 block of Royal Street that was once home to five governors, two state Supreme Court justices, a future justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and a future President of the United States. 613’s own resident was Sieur Etienne de Perier, the royal governor of colonial Louisiana between 1726 and 1733. Such a famous block lent itself to rumors, and it’s said that the outrageous Marquis de Vaudreuil--the colonial governor who turned New Orleans from marshland into a “petit Paris”--also once lived here.

Emma and Bertha belonged to a proud, aristocratic Creole family; their “rabais,” or notions, outfitted many of New Orleans’ high society women in formal gowns, lace, and perfumes imported from Paris. With a larger courtyard than its neighbors, the residence lent itself to visitors, and the sisters’ shop received many.

Marriage, reversals of fortune, widowhood--nothing could separate the two sisters. Indeed, as the Picayune was to report, the sisters died within two months of each other in the winter of 1944. They lie side by side at St. Louis Cemetery No. 3, united in death as in life.

Court of Two Sisters Owner Joseph Fein III

"Someone asks me about the two sisters every day. They are surprised to hear that my brother and I are not related to the two sisters, yet we own and run the Court of Two Sisters.

I explain that after the two sisters died, ownership changed hands many times until it reached our father, Joe Fein, Jr., who guided what had become a restaurant onto its current path...a path my brother, Jerry, and I work hard to maintain with the highest quality food and service.

We will continue what the two sisters and our father did best...entertain visitors in the largest courtyard in the French Quarter with a memorable dining experience."

Joseph Fein, III


Court of Two Sisters Owner Jerome Fein

"New Orleans is a destination for food, history and music. The Court of Two Sisters offers an authentic blend of all.

Guests from all over compliment us on the quality of all our food...from the hot and cold buffets to our gourmet Creole dinners.

Our picturesque old-world courtyard with original gas lights and flowing fountains and our three differently styled dining rooms add to the unique history of our French Quarter building.

We are proud to be the only historic restaurant in New Orleans to offer a strolling trio playing real New Orleans jazz 7 days a week during our world-famous Daily Jazz Brunch.

My brother and I are committed to maintaining the reputation of the Court of Two Sisters as one of New Orleans' premier restaurants."

Jerome Fein